Quotes from Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Balance in everyday life

How to sit for meditation

“Please sit very comfortably; that’s very important. There should be no strain on a particular part of the body. For example when you are sitting sometimes your feet might feel little bit numbed down, you can change the posture. You need not carry on with any extreme effort or any discomfort to yourself. That’s first thing you must remember. Moreover some of the people go into tense postures also by stretching their hands too straight or sometimes going very straight or pushing their head behind. Sometimes they bend their heads also bit too much also. Sit very comfortably with both the hands on your lap in a very comfortable way. There should be nothing extreme to be done from outside.”

Not overdoing things: maryadas (boundaries)

“Now, you notice in the nature it’s so matching, you know. Nothing gross, nothing loud. It’s so beautiful; this is red but it has green to match it. This Mother Earth knows everything, She understands everything, She does everything, but what do we do for Mother Earth? Is to run after artificial things, machinery, this thing; and now a new thing has come, is computer. It’s all right if you want to write letters to someone, but otherwise it’s quite maddening, you know. And this computer will make our brain absolutely zero. We’ll be paralysed, we won’t be able to think 2 + 2. So, anything that you want to use also, should have its maryadas. Don’t go beyond it.

If you take to swimming, you’ll go on swimming till you get sick. If you are horse riding, you’ll go on horse riding till you fall down. You see, this is also a kind of a life which has no maryadas – like greed has no maryadas. That’s how also this kind of nonsense, ‘I am only fond of this, I am only fond of this.’ You are a human being, you should never say like that. On the contrary you should say ‘I must learn this. I must know this. What is this all about?’”


“So with this attention being absolutely stationed on a balance, you start seeing the superficiality and you start discarding the superficiality. You immediately see that this is superficial, there’s nothing in it and then the attention only accepts whatever is deep.”


“If you lead a good, healthy life, you have to exercise and meditate. If you meditate you become peaceful. With that peace, you’ll be amazed, you’ll have so much of energy.“

 Mastering a new skill

“When a new driver starts learning, he first of all puts the brake, sometimes he puts jerkily the accelerator, and he learns that he is making mistakes. And then he comes to a balance. That is what it should be, that we should have a balanced life. In our day-to-day life we live unbalanced. We cannot have a car with only two wheels on one side. We have to have four wheels on both the sides.”

 Understanding purpose

“It gives you a balance, it gives you wisdom by which you see what is your job, why are you on this earth, why this energy has come to you.”

Awakening the inner subtle system

“But then as a result of your realisation, you become a balanced person; take things easily, in the right perspective.”