Quotes from Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

The need for balance

Seekers keep to the central path of balance

“They immediately realise that they are going to extremes, turn their mind from the extreme to the centre and keep the balance and once this balance is established in a seeker he starts seeking beyond.”

Why live in a balanced way?

“Because you have to rise. Say an aeroplane is not balanced, how will it rise? But supposing it is only balanced and never rises, what’s the use of making an aeroplane?”

Is it important?

“One may say, why is this balance needed? And this is an important question which we should be able to answer all the people who ask us. Without the balance you cannot ascend. If you cannot ascend, what’s the use of our becoming human beings?”

Inner change

“You develop your own sensitivity inside to your own peace. You become extremely peaceful and that peaceful nature of yours will bring forth the future of a new age where there won’t be any wars.”  “Your attention becomes innocent and very effective. Wherever you pay attention it works. Your powers are great, which you do not know. And also the knowledge, which is a pure knowledge within you, that starts manifesting.”

Affecting Nature

“Now this ecological problem can be solved as soon as human beings get transformed and develop their balances.  Because we are imbalanced, that’s why the nature has gone into imbalance.”

The space between thoughts

“You are amazed at it but the experience is very peaceful. You feel extremely relaxed, and the eyes start sparkling. As a result of this happening the first thing happens to you that you become peaceful. Absolutely. How? See actually we are thinking; all the time our thoughts rise fall, rise fall. In between these thoughts there’s a little space. When we are thinking we are thinking about the future or about the past, not about the present, we cannot think. So when this kundalini rises then these thoughts get elongated, and this space increases, and that’s the place where you become thoughtlessly aware. You are aware but you are thoughtless. That’s the place, where you are in the present, and you are peaceful.“


“When a person starts developing wisdom he understands that, ‘I’m going to extremes in everything’.”


“Reality lies in the central path.”

 Qualities to develop: a heart like an ocean

“A last, most important thing is that you cannot make a drama out of it. It has to be a reality. See, by standing like a big, imposing person, you do not become that. On the contrary people will think you are mad. It should be from within that you should develop that dignity within yourself, that poise, that balance, that understanding, within yourself. A kindly poise, a beautiful personality, benevolent but standing above everyone else by his gravity, depth, gentlemanliness, generosity, proper bearing, neatness, cleanliness, above all, love, heart like an ocean, most forgiving.”