Quotes from Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Correcting energy imbalances

Becoming centred

“Human nature is such that we go always to extremes. So in Sahaja Yoga, you yourself understand how to come to balance. And you love to do that, because then you can enjoy the cool breeze, and you can enjoy the joy within yourself.”

 Avoiding problems

“If you go to the left or to the right you jump into the extremes, into the problems, and you create problems. So we have to keep everybody in the centre.”

 Imbalances of either side

“Now, if you have this left-side problem, then the problems attack you in the sense that you feel depressed, you feel very unhappy, you feel as if the whole world is going to be collapsing on you, and you are extremely receded from life – you become recluses with this left side. But with the right side, you are riding a very fast horse, we have to say, in a way that the people who are, say, very dominating type, extremely dominating…”  “And this kind of a thing, when it comes in you, this ego-orientation, is more dangerous, because you harm others and you are not aware of it. So both the things are harmful to you; you have to lead a life of a balance in the centre.”

 Innate wisdom

“We cannot be one-sided in ordinary life, we cannot be one-sided in ordinary life.  Supposing we have one leg, we can’t stand for long time. A car cannot go on one wheel like this in an angle, does it? Even on the bicycle, you have to balance. This balance comes from wisdom that you have.”

 Kundalini: the energy within the sacrum bone

“It’s very simple, especially if you are simple people, if you are in balance. If you are a little imbalance, the kundalini puts you into balances and you get it.”